World Curlew Day


World Curlew Day is an awareness and fund raising initiative started by Mary Colwell, producer & writer who has championed Curlew conservation in many ways including walking 500 miles, writing a book and raising awareness .

She writes:

“This time last year a ground-breaking assessment of the threats facing the Numeniini group was published that collated the views of over 100 wader experts from around the world made shocking reading. .

It concluded that the main threat internationally is the loss and destruction of coastal estuaries and wetlands, which are under increasing pressure from development and disturbance, particularly in Asia.

The Numeniini group are 13 wader species including upland sandpiper, four godwit and eight curlew species. It is shocking that over half of these species are of global conservation concern which makes this family one of the most threatened in the world.

April 21 was chosen to be World Curlew Day because of a delightful, traditional Welsh tale that identifies the first curlew conservationist. St Beuno, was a 6th century abbot from Wales. Legend has it he was sailing off the coast when he dropped his prayer book in the sea. A curlew flew over and rescued it and took it to the shore to dry. The grateful St Beuno decreed that from then on, the bird be given special protection and that its nest must be difficult to find; which is indeed the case.

We hope that conservation organisations, government agencies, land-managers and nature enthusiasts from around the world will come together to support this remarkable but very threatened group of species. Whether it is publishing a press release, giving a talk, holding a curlew cake and coffee morning and/or going for a curlew walk.”

We have organised 2 events to raise awareness and funds for the various Curlew conservation initiatives.

Curlew Celebration

Saturday 21st April – 10am to 4pm

St Lawrence Church Annexe

Coffee and cake sale with a Curlew inspired Art Exhibition and information exhibits. Come and help save our breeding Curlew population. Some of the art work will be for sale plus cards, coffee and cake. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go the Curlew conservation initiatives. If you wish to exhibit any of your art or donate any cakes etc. for the cake sale please contact Paul Davis
Artists who have pledged work so far are:
Lisa Hooper
Richard Allen
Nicola Hughes
Paul Davis
Art angels
Tessa Charles
Robert Greenhalf
Hugh Ribbans
Shona Grant
Julie Halpin-Wood

Wednesday 25th April 7.30

St Lawrence Church

New Moon on the Wane – The Curse of the Curlews: 

Rick Simpson – Wader Quest


Curlew species are declining across the world, two are probably already extinct, we look at why this is happening and talk about each of the species in the genus Numenius.
Organised as part of World Curlew Day, a fund raising event to support various work carried out to help conserve this beautiful bird. There will also be a Curlew themed exhibition in the Annexe featuring Curlew inspired art work and information exhibits.
Anyone who wishes to exhibit anything during the event, for sale or just for show, should contact Paul Davis on
£4.00 –  Proceeds to Curlew Initiatives
Book by emailing –

Curlew Charities

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